There are countless advantages to learning English in early childhood. At this stage of development, children are naturally predisposed to acquire language, bringing these intuitive strategies into second language learning.

Considering this, Colégio Itatiaia – a reference in Early Childhood Education since 1980 – co-created and implemented the EAL for Kids (English as an Acquired Language for Kids) project in partnership with GoTalk English – an educational institution specializing in language acquisition for children. In this project, the college offers multicultural English language teaching that seeks to develop skills, knowledge and values for students, promoting understanding of the society in which they live. 


In this way, the child is constantly stimulated to develop creativity, reasoning, concentration and memory.

Believing that learning a second language should be routine for children, the EAL for Kids project, based on the pillars of Quality, Frequency, Reference and Consistency, permits the integration of English into the planning of early childhood schools that work through projects.

In this way, the child interacts daily with the English language in a playful way starting from the nursery, and develops the listening and speaking skills necessary to reach the A1 level of bilingualism.

Our Pedagogical principles


Bilingual educators operate every day in both morning and afternoon periods. The length of EAL for Kids activities and their frequency increases gradually according to the age of the learners, always with a reduced number of students per class.


Bilingual teachers are certified by Cambridge and attend a regular development program, exploring pedagogical proposals suitable for each age group.


Project-based methodology focusing on early childhood education referring to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).


Pedagogical planning by educators and bilingual professionals takes place collaboratively. This facilitates successful execution of the activities providing the best learning outcomes for students. The entire team is supported with a wide repertoire of didactic materials and the constant evaluation of projects and their results through mentoring and training.

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